Patient Info

There are common issues and topics we address as pediatricians.  Our Patient Info page strives to address and inform parents about some of the most common issues and topics.

Please feel free to contact the office with any question or concern.  After the office has closed, in order to provide the greatest continuity in your child’s care, Dr. Wolpert or Dr. Wood are always personally available.

“We would never want a patient to feel reluctant to call with a question or concern because they were worried about being a nuisance or were afraid to ‘bother’ the doctor.”

Immunization Schedule

Manaquan Pediatrics follows the suggested immunization schedule of the American Academy of Pediatrics.  Refer to the easy to read chart to know when your child needs immunizations.


Dosage Charts

Recommended dosage information for over the counter medications.

Growth Charts



Web Resources

Links to online resources with information on parenting and child health issues.